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Zinc Acrylate Self-Polishing Polymer

Detailed Selling Lead Description
General information
Product Features: SPZn-100 is an economical matrix resin product used for tin-free self-polishing paint, it is only suitable for copper-containing formulations and must be blended with CDP (Rosin). The tin-free self-polishing antifouling coatings prepared by SPZn-100 could possess 3 years performance (the actual antifouling performance determined by paint formulation, ships speed & activity and sailing sea area environment), low VOC and steady polishing rate.

Key application features:
--economical product
--must used with CDP (Rosin) together
--only suitable for paint formula with copper compound antifoulants.
--the antifouling marine paint with our product can have 3 years long serving period.
---Low VOC and steady polishing rate.

Apperance Pale yellow transparent sticky liquid
Polymer solids 45.5%min
Viscosity 175-250cps
Specific Gravity 1.01g/cm3

1,this formula is for ships or boats sailing only in sea water,not fit for ships soaked in fresh water for long time.
2.Pls purchase after your testings.
3.Our formula is only based on the polymers produced by our company
4..The anti fouling serving period is different for testings made in different sea areas,we can adjust the percentages of relevant raw materials,for details please refer to our technical department.
5.This formula’s property rights are owned by our company ,any infringement without our authorization will be followed by lawsuits and other action.

Packing :50kg,25kg, 180kg drum or 1000kg IBC drum.
Storage: stored in a cool ,dry,shady and ventilated place,avoid fire contact.
Safety:pls refer to our MSDS
Shelf time: one year.