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Mit-50 (Cas :2682-20-4)

Detailed Selling Lead Description
MIT-50 (Cas :2682-20-4)
Cas :2682-20-4
Product name: 2-Methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one
No. Item Description
1 Appearance
2 Content of Active Substance (%) ≥50
3 pH value 5.0~7.0
4 Density (g/ml) ≥1.10

Appearance Sight Colorless or yellow transparent liquid
MIT Assay % 49.5~50.5
CMIT Assay ppm ≤100
pH (Original) —— 3~8
Density (25℃) g/ml ≤1.2
Durability % ≥99

Application field
Suitabe for use in daily chemicals, cosmetics, paints, synthetic polymer emulsions, and other water-based systems

Performance characteristics
1. With bactericidal, antibacterial, highly-efficient, broad-spectrum, and long-lasting features.
2. Miscible with water and easy to use.
3. Will cause no harm at the recommended concentration of using.
4. Don’t accumulate in the environment; easily degraded.
5. Suitable for use in the medium of the pH value in the range of 2 to 12.
6. Good compatibility with body care products in surfactants and emulsifiers
Usage and Cautions
1.For use in paints, synthetic polymer emulsions and other water-based systems, the general concentration of using is 0.05-0.1% (w/w); for use in daily chemicals, the concentration is 0.02-0.1% (w/w), depending on the storage environment and whether the product is susceptible to damage of microorganisms.
2. It can be added at any production step; but it's suggested to be added at the final step at less than 50 ℃; avoid adding at a temperature of higher than 50 ℃. Wear protective clothes, rubber gloves, goggles and masks; avoid any contact with the skin, eyes and mucous membranes.
1,000 kg per IBC drum, 200 kg per drum.
Storage and Transportation
To be stored at room temperature in a dark place; with a shelf time of one year