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Copper Naphthenate

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Copper Naphthenate
Product name:Copper  Naphthenate
CAS: 1338-02-9
Name Copper  Naphthenate Testing method
Grade Cu-5 Cu-8  
Apperance Green oil liquid By eye watch
Metal assay, % 5±0.2 8±0.2 GB9723-88
Oil solubility completely HG/T2267-1996
Liquid stability No sendiment HG/T2267-1996
Flash point(close) ℃ ≥30 GB26183

II. Characteristics: This product is made of inorganic copper salts of naphthenic acid soap solution by complex decomposition reaction, for the green oil-like liquid, as a help drier and the main driers with the use, can also be used for ink driers, road color brick enhanced luster agent.

III. Use: This product is used for marine Primer antifouling agent, fungicide and catalyst, unsaturated polyester inhibitor, to prolong the canning time, submarine cable and general cable waterproofing agent, used for pesticides and insecticides, used in wood, rope, canvas, paper, NET and other fiber products coating mold, preservatives.

IV. Recommended dosage: 0.05-0.2% (Metal to resin solid part)

V, Packaging: 200 liters of iron drums, a net content of 180 kilograms per barrel.
VI, storage period: from the date of production, effective storage period of one year.