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Abb Dsqc 239 Board - Rio

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Brand: ABB
Model: DSQC 239 Board - RIO
Price: CNY 111 / pcs
Min. Order: 1 pcs
DSQC 239 Board - RIO
ABB DSQC 239 Board - RIO
ABB DSQC 239 Board - RIO
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Brand & Provenance : ABB (SWEDEN)
Module include : PLC/DCS/TSI/ESD Module

1)Supply ability : In stock,within 3 days send the products.
2)Price : The more you order ,the lower price you will get.
3)Our products is ship with original factory new package.
4)The warranty period of all products is 12 months
5)We have many couirer partner,like DHL,TNT,FeDex and UPS ... ... 
6)The factory will strictly test all the goods before shipment, and the 
warehouse staff will also check the integrity of the product packaging 
when it is shipped. 

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Distributed Control System (DCS) --- ABB
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ABB modules recommended
ABB 3HAB5845-1 DSQC 334 Power supply
ABB 3HAB6182-1 DSQC 335 Robot computer
ABB 3HNE00001-1 DSQC 336 Network board NIOC-01
ABB 3HAB8101-1 DSQC 345A Rectifier
ABB 3HAB8101-2 DSQC 345B Rectifier
ABB 3HAB8101-3 DSQC 345C Rectifier
ABB 3HAB8101-4 DSQC 345D Rectifier
ABB 3HAB8101-14 DSQC 345E Rectifier
ABB 3HAB8101-5 DSQC 346A Drive unit
ABB 3HAB8101-6 DSQC 346B Drive unit
ABB 3HAB8101-7 DSQC 346C Drive unit
ABB 3HAB8101-11 DSQC 346E Drive unit
ABB 3HAB8101-8 DSQC 346G Drive unit
ABB 3HAB8101-13 DSQC 346U Drive unit
ABB 3HNE00957-1 DSQC 350 Remote I/O
ABB 3HNE00065-1 DSQC 354 Encoder interface
ABB DSQC 355 I/O Board
ABB 3HAB8101-10 DSQC 358C Drive unit / Rectifier
ABB 3HAB8101-12 DSQC 358E Drive unit / Rectifier
ABB 3HAB8101-15 DSQC 358F Driveunit / Rectifier
ABB 3HAB8101-16 DSQC 358G Drive unit / Rectifier