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High Quality Reliable Speed Reducer For Coal Mine Conveyor

High Quality Reliable Speed Reducer For Coal Mine Conveyor

High Quality Reliable Speed Reducer For Coal Mine Conveyor

Detailed Selling Lead Description
Brand: Henan Shuangzhi Machinery
Model: depending on designs
Price: USD 2000 / piece
Min. Order: 1 piece
Speed Reducer
Coal Mine
Reducer for gear hardness requirements are very high, so the hardness of gear is very important. There are many heat treatment methods for hard face gear, which should be selected according to the characteristics of planetary gear reducer.

1, surface quenching

Common surface quenching methods are high frequency quenching and flame quenching. High frequency quenching for small size gear, flame quenching for large size gear. When the surface hardened layer includes the bottom of the tooth root, the effect is the best, and the hardness of the tooth surface can reach 45~55HRC.

2, carburizing quenching

This quenching method has the best relative bearing capacity of the gear, while using grinding teeth to eliminate heat treatment deformation, to ensure the accuracy of the gear. This makes a lot of sense in the reducer world. The tooth surface hardness of carburized and quenched gear is usually in the range of 58~62HRC. When it is lower than 57HRC, the tooth surface strength will decrease greatly. When it is higher than 62HRC, the gear is brittle. From the tooth surface to the deep layer, the effective carburizing depth should be gradually reduced from the surface to the deep layer, and the effective carburizing depth should be defined as the depth from the surface to the hardness of 52.5HRC. It is worth mentioning that the role of carburizing quenching in tooth bending fatigue strength is not only to increase the hardness of the center part, but also to treat the residual compressive stress on the surface of the gear, which can reduce the stress in the maximum tensile stress area of the gear tooth. In this way, when grinding the tooth can not grind the root part of the tooth hobbing, the amount of grinding hob should be used.

3, nitriding

The gear with nitriding technology is not easy to deform, and can achieve high hardness and strong wear resistance. No further finishing is required after heat treatment, which improves the carrying capacity. This has special significance for internal gears which are not easy to grind teeth.

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